Why Organic SEO Works Better Than Paid Adverts

4 September 2021

You want your website to appear as high as possible within a search engine - right?

It's easy to think that paying for an advert to be displayed within a search engine will be a shortcut to success - after all, those advertisements appear at the top of the page don't they?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a popular way of achieving this and it seems like an easy way to get results...

...but PPC is not search engine optimisation (SEO), despite what some will have you believe - it is just paid advertising.

To get more traffic and your website to the top, you need a successful SEO strategy. It takes more work, time and effort, but the results are much more sustainable.

Consider this:

  • Organic search results drive 53% of website traffic, whilst paid advertising is only responsible for 27%.
  • 92% of all traffic is generated from the first page of Google organic search results.
  • The first result on an organic search result receives almost one third of the clicks.
  • At least 25% of people uses ad blockers on their search engine, so never see a paid advert - for younger people, this figure climbs to almost 50%.
  • Organic search is responsible for over ten times the website traffic of organic social media.

However, 72% of small business owners spend more money on PPC ads than SEO!

It doesn't make any sense, but the facts speak for themselves. That is not to say that PPC doesn't have a role - it can be useful if you are a new business or you want to promote a particular product - however, it is no substitute for good SEO.

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