Facebook in Continued Decline with Teens

Social media use is an ever-changing area, especially among teens who often are on the cutting edge of new platforms. A recent Pew Research Center survey of American teenagers found that TikTok has rocketed in popularity since its debut several years ago.


It is particularly notable that Facebook use has fallen dramatically from 71% to just 32% within the past seven years.

Instagram, which was aquired by Facebook in 2012, continues to grow in popularity, but YouTube is by far the most used social media platform, with boys more likely than girls to use it.

Interestingly, 35% of those surveyed stated that they used either YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook 'almost constantly'.

About 95% of the survey group had access to a smartphone, with 90% using either a desktop or laptop computer - both figures increasing. Use of gaming consoles was slightly down.

Almost all surveyed use the internet daily.