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Call it a blog, or just call it our thoughts about web design and related issues, together with some insights into the most recent Codeguys developments - either way, we'll mix things up a little!

If we think there is an important tech story or bit of news, we'll share it here, along with our views.

Sometimes we'll tell you about work we have done and why we consider it worth telling you about it here. Check it out below!

Why Organic SEO Works Better Than Paid Adverts

You want your website to appear as high as possible within a search engine - right? It's easy to think that paying for an advert to be displayed within a search engine will be a shortcut to success - after all, those advertisements appear at the top of the page don't they? Pay Per Click […]

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SEO - Google Adopting a More Gradual Rollout

Having initially scheduled a May 2021 implementation, Google has recently announced that its page experience ranking changes will now begin rollout from mid-June, becoming fully live at the end of August. This is a welcome opportunity for more time for necessary adjustments to be made for a better page experience. Google is determined to improve […]

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Web Design Liverpool Merseyside

One of our recent web design projects involved the development of a new site for a virtual personal assistant business in Liverpool Merseyside. Project Description A new contemporary one-page web design for Mindful VA Services in Liverpool Merseyside. Brief The client had previously constructed her own website, but it was running very slowly and needed […]

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Web Design Trends for 2021 - Typography

Web design trends are often influenced by cultural changes that happen around the world. This year, we experienced remarkably dramatic changes in the digital design sphere. COVID-19 has put us in quarantine, pushing us to delve deeper into the digital world, and changing the way we live our lives. The remote, stay at home reality […]

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